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1. Q. Who will generally qualify for an Immigration program?

Ans. The applicant should have an identified Occupation, which match or closely match the National occupation list of that country. The applicant should have sound knowledge in  English, Age should be below 49 years for Canada and 45 years for Australia, and should have  15 to 17 years of education.

2. Q. what will be minimum process period for Australia and Canada Immigration Program?

 Ans. Generally for Australia the immigration process period as per DIMIA 12 months and for Canada the process period is between 2 to 3 years. It is not fixed but depends on the demand of the Occupation as per their labour market.

3. Q. what would be the qualifying point for Australia and Canada?

    Ans. Australia has two kinds of qualifying program

         i. General Skilled Category > qualifying point is 120pts.

         ii. SIR VISA ( Skilled independent Regional) > qualifying point is 100pts.  For Canada the qualifying point is > 67pts


4. Q. How much money do I need to show to the immigration authorities?

 Ans. Generally there you can't avail the public money facility. Australia does not have any  condition for proof of fund criteria where as for Canada  the applicant has to show:

           1    person  funds are required : ca$ 9420/-

           2    person  funds are required : ca$11775/- 

5. Q. Can I take my family with me?

Ans. Yes you can.


6. Q. Will I be benefited if my relatives are staying in Australia or Canada?

Ans. Yes you will get additional points for your qualifying to either Australia or Canada


7Q.Can you arrange my accommodation and transitional Job?

    Ans. Yes