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Globalization and liberalization has squeezed the world in to a single home. Essence of life truly seems global. Indian youth is found to be fascinated by the world. Its ideas, its ambience which are basically their own and hence want to inculcate it and groom themselves accordingly. Change is an insidious creature. It creeps in slowly but soon becomes apparent. The degree of impact of westernization on Indian youth was always there. Dreams were always flourishing, but lack of right path keeps tight bound. Surprise for you, open the Pandoraís Box and find your brighter destiny.  

It is none other than, the first of its kind in your homeland Orissa, SMS Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. To provide you immigration, work permit and Overseas Education services to some of your favorite destinations like U.K, CANADA, & AUSTRALIA, New Zealand. It is the most Successful and trusted name in India and other part of the world since 2002. to navigate your destiny to a brighter future it Provide

 Services under one roof for permanent residency /Investment Visas/work permit. It advances steadily with client making the whole process an enthralling and sizzling experience. It offers you the most cost-effective and comprehensive range of immigration and Settlement related services. It has worked as a guiding   factor for the people of Orissa for a better future in a total different environment. It respects your talent irrespective field. It is a constant source of inspiration, which inspires your thoughts and leads you like a leader making you smoothly comfortable in a different social, economical and geopolitical environment. 

 Thus, SMS Consultancy provides complete assistance in preparing the professional resume and finding job depending on the clientís skill. It conduct the employment readiness course in India to train itís client in soft skills, listening skills, skill assessment, developing self introductory statement, Doís and Donít of interview, interview planning and research, labor market search, importance of computer skills in the job market and the sources of job leads in CANADA, AUSTRALIA & U.K .It is here to lead your destiny in to a dazzling future. It has always worked as a promising ladder to give you an international look, amazing success, excellence in your respective field and above all fulfillment of the objective of your life. 

So, what are waiting for? Fire up your spirit as soon as possible. Arise, awake and stop not until your goal is reached. Since the future depends on present action, it is imperative that you sow a good today to reap abettor tomorrow. Rise up your confidence level, believe in us and step in with an attitude of a winner to reach your ultimate goal.

SMS Consultancy, in true sense wants your dream reach the pinnacle. Let you earn an international repute and get psychic gratification.